Monday, November 29, 2010

Oracle Changes the Game

Last week we saw a game changing decision in the Oracle vs. SAP court case in California. A court decision in which Copyright and Intellectual Property are upheld as the key to the software business.

People, Ideas & Objects has been based on the Copyright and Intellectual Property of the Preliminary Research report of using the Joint Operating Committee as the key organizational construct of the innovative oil and gas producer. This original idea has been developed further in this blog and applied in the development of the Draft Specification. Intellectual property that is original, pristine and designed to solve the issues that exist in the oil and gas industry.

Customers of software vendors need to have their software applications with this level of Intellectual Property and Copyright pedigree. I am pleased to be able to provide our potential oil and gas customers with this high level of assurance of Intellectual Property.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

McKinsey, Global Forces Shaping Business and Society

Once again McKinsey have impressed with a thorough summary of the situation in the global economy. This video presentation is very high level and only touches on individual points. However provides an overall summary and captures a spirit of the global economy and its future direction. To me these McKinsey partners are discussing the future economy and the ways and means of how and what of how people will earn there way in the world.

A fascinating and well presented discussion I highly recommend bookmarking the video.

Monday, November 15, 2010

McKinsey on Creating Value

In a world where Cash-for-Clunkers and QE II are considered solutions to what ails our economy. It is refreshing to see this presentation by McKinsey Consulting. This presentation is talking about the ways that value is created and destroyed in firms. Although the video at times seems to stumble, it is only in the presentation of difficult material that makes it appear that way. What is being discussed are advanced concepts that need to be adopted by innovative oil and gas producers.

McKinsey identifies four of the mechanisms that generate and destroy value in business. In the Preliminary Research Report it was noted that focusing on growth as a strategy may not generate the value that a producer firm needs. That innovation is a strategy to optimize the value of the producer firm is the focus of People, Ideas & Objects.

In a related paper, McKinsey relates the difficulty for firms to focus on value generation.

It’s one thing for a CFO to understand the technical methods of valuation—and for members of the finance organization to apply them to help line managers monitor and improve company performance. But it’s still more powerful when CEOs, board members, and other non-financial executives internalize the principles of value creation. Doing so allows them to make independent, courageous, and even unpopular business decisions in the face of myths and misconceptions about what creates value.
The Draft Specification provides two modules that make these calculations and enable these decisions to be made, the Performance Evaluation, and Analytics & Statistics modules. These two modules functionality are very similar. The key difference is that the Performance Evaluation module deals with the producer firm and the Analytics & Statistics module views data from the Joint Operating Committee perspective.

For the industry to successfully provide for the consumers energy demands, it’s necessary to build the systems that identify and support the Joint Operating Committee. Building the Preliminary Specification is the focus of People, Ideas & Objects. Producers are encouraged to contact me in order to support our Revenue Model and begin their participation in these communities. Those individuals that are interested in joining People, Ideas & Objects can join me here and begin building the software necessary for the successful and innovative oil and gas industry.

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