Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Draft Specification - Financial Marketplace Module

I am pleased to submit to the community the draft specification of the Financial Marketplace Module. This is the sixth of eleven modules, and last of the three marketplace modules in the specification.

What may not be obvious at first glance of this specification is the Marketplace makeup of the module. Financial resources are critical to the energy industry because of the intense capital nature of the business. This marketplace therefore provides a number of means for the innovative producer to manage the cash resources of the firm and apply the budget discipline at a finer level of focus, the Joint Operating Committee.

One thing that is very obvious about this module is the radical nature of how the nuance of committing capital amoungst the partnership is handled. Offering a multitude of options for the innovative oil and gas producer and eliminating many of the issues associated with raising money.

I have purposely provided a very light sketch of the Financial Marketplace Module. This is not my area of expertise, and many of the users in this community will better understand the open opportunity the module provides. I think the seventh module to be published will be the Compliance & Governance Module.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Unconstrained prices.

We have seen the price of energy increase by rather large amounts over the past 6 years. One would have to think that the upper limit of what is reasonable has to be near.

Oil and gas is unique in that it is the only resource that has a finite value. There are only so many volumes of oil and gas that ever existed. Like wood, wheat or rice it is not renewable, and like gold, silver and platinum not reusable. Once oil and gas is used its irretrievably lost. These attributes are what make them unique to other commodities.

The other aspect is that they are expensive, but more importantly difficult to find and develop. Conceptually the energy industry is the most difficult from a science and engineering point of view. As we have progressed through the cheap energy era, we now find ourselves in the era of difficult energy.

The pace at which the consuming public has learned the dynamics involved in the industry and its pricing has increased. The point that I want to make in this entry is that oil and gas prices are no longer constrained by the idea that there are easier to produce alternatives. The market has always generally believed that corn, wind and solar would replace the "dirty" oil used to power the SUV. That the future of the world's energy sources would now suddenly be clean, cheap and environmentally friendly.

The lesson that has been difficult to learn is that we can't use our food for fuel. Rice, wheat and corn are being disrupted and it is the food supplies of developing nations that suffer. Secondly the volumes of energy consumed in the alternative energy manufacturing process are higher then what is produced. And finally solar and wind, as they stand today, are prepared to take on less then 1% of the total supply of energy

So where may we see the price of energy go? If my suspicions are correct, we may ultimately see the price of oil reach $650.00. Within the next three months we may see $175.00 / bbl and we should consider that cheap. Cheap because it will only lead to temporary shortages.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Draft Specification - Resource Marketplace Module

For every serious challenge facing the world. There is someone with a big idea. That big idea needs to be nurtured. It needs to be explored and analyzed in order to bring it to life.

And design is at the core of that innovation. There isn’t a problem in the world that a great designer can’t solve.” Quotation from an Autodesk commercial.

The Resource Marketplace module is the second of three marketplace modules in the People, Ideas & Objects specification and the fifth of eleven. The key focus of this module is on providing a forum for electronic commerce. The Resource Marketplace works with the Accounting Voucher Module to optimize the contract, division of labor and mitigation of transaction costs.

A summary list of the published modules.

Draft Specification - Security & Access Control Module

Draft Specification - Petroleum Lease Marketplace Module

Draft Specification - Partnership Accounting Module

Draft Specification - Accounting Voucher Module

Draft Specification - Resource Marketplace Module.

Possibly the largest impact of this module is the management, with the Research & Capabilities Module, of People's Intellectual Property (IP). If we are to succeed in finding larger volumes of energy to meet the worlds demands we are going to need to solve a variety of difficult problems. Whether those problems are in engineering, science or business the individuals that will ultimately prevail need to be motivated to do this difficult work. The motivation is the ability to earn the rights to the expression of the idea, the patent or trademark.

For more then 25 years the oil and gas industry has ceased to conduct any research. Making today's environment ripe for research and development opportunities and making it a use it or loose it proposition. Since they chose to do nothing they won't miss out on any opportunities. In this module specification I also suggest that companies have become too comfortable with using People's IP as if it was free like the oxygen that we breathe. The "Ideas" in People, Ideas & Objects is explained in fair detail in the specification. It is necessary to build a system where people can develop, secure, license, contract and manage their intellectual property. This application is the place where that will happen, have a look.

The next Module to be published will be the Financial Resource Marketplace.

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    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    Google announces App Engine

    We moved one step closer to the People, Ideas & Objects applications capabilities with the announcement of Google App Engine from Google. Information regarding what the App Engine is, is available here, here and here.

    What this provides People, Ideas & Objects users is the ability to host applications on Google Application Hosting. As one can imagine, Google has a lot of hardware available that at times may be surplus to their needs. This service is being offered as part of the Google Apps for http://www.people-ideas-objects.com/ product. And therefore free to all the users and developers of the community.

    Now they mention that the service will allow only the Python programming environment, but more will be added in the future. I have always considered using Sun Microsystems to run our main app, and that hasn't necessarily changed, but Google Apps Engine provides the users and others to build some of the applications that may be used by a user to provide a greater level of service to their oil and gas clients.

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      Friday, April 04, 2008

      Draft Specification - Accounting Voucher Module

      I am pleased to present the fourth module of the People, Ideas & Objects module to the community. The Draft Accounting Voucher module specification is different then most other modules and applications. It brings an area of strong academic science that until now has been poorly published in other ERP applications. Have a look.

      The next two modules will be;

      • The Resource Marketplace Module

      • The Financial Marketplace Module

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