Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another McKinsey survey.

This survey is reported by Dr. Nicholas Carr on his Rough Type web log. (Click on the title of this entry to go there.) Noting that large percentages (61%) of companies in North America are on the verge of adopting SaaS (Software as a Service). Their motivation being, and it is a subtle point, that companies are moving closer to Dr. John Hagel lll's idea that industry will need to restructure as either;

  • Infrastructure Management (Firms like Genesys providing SaaS solutions.)
  • Innovation Management (The key role of the producer (Based on capabilities and oil and gas leases.))
  • Customer Management (The down stream business of refining and marketing.)
As I move to secure some of the residual budget allocation for 2006, I will be highlighting these points to the industry, I only hope they are listing to the volume of people that are speaking to these issues.

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